• About Us

    Draper Street is a premium streetwear brand with a strong heritage, started by Jim Draper – a legendary street, cage fighter from South East London. Jim was renowned for his vicious fighting style, winning ability, and sense of style. Unfortunately, he mysteriously disappeared sometime shortly after starting his brand, later presumed dead by the police. However, his brand is back, selling premium quality men’s fashion clothing to those with the cash and the style to wear it.

    Jim was from the streets of South East London immersed in the battle to survive, football hooliganism, the odd riot and love of funk, soul, R&B and hip hop music. Jim loved it all and lived life to the full. Style was always important and branded sportswear the order of the day. 

    The fight scene in London was dangerous but lucrative and totally unregulated. Money and pride were always at stake. To be the best you had to train hard and to earn big money be well know “the face”. Jim was unbeaten, rich and proud but organised crime was never far away.

    The lucrative rewards meant that Jim and friends could often get a break from the London grime and travelled to hotter places, Marbella, Cannes, Porto Banus and Ibiza the destinations of choice. 
    Jim started his own brand of clothes Draper Street to sell at his staged fights but also to stand out from the crowd of wannabes. The t-shirts were high quality, expensive and distinctive with the gold embroidered logo.

    In honour Draper Street is back but only for those with the cash and the style to wear it. With the distinctive gold labels, logo’s and high quality materials these t-shirts will again be seen and worn by those who know what style is and are always up for it!